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I Design

That is when I’m not snacking on my kids’ goldfish crackers or binge-watching Parks and Rec. But really, I design to keep me sane. Allowing my mind to create something and then actually putting the work in brings an insane amount of satisfaction and self-esteem.

Sawdust Smells Like Home

Growing up with both parents as contractors on the side, I’ve been playing in unfinished homes for as long as I can remember. Both parents were self-taught, like me. We learned to make something out of nothing.

A Calling To Create

I know. It sounds pretentious. Or melodramatic. What can I say: I have kids and have seen (and cried to) Moana more times than I can remember. but really. Creativity calls me. Old funky things call me. In college, I took a job cleaning out the home of a hoarder and discovered magic in her treasures. I learned to sift through the garbage, leftovers, the forgotten and how to breathe new life into them.

My degree is in Biology and Chemistry, but the thing that brings me life is the world around me. I dig it. Unless it’s a mess, which it is more than half of the time because, like I said, kids.

When the world around me feels good, I feel good.

Family First

I’m raising three small children–equal parts charming, adorable, and obnoxious. I happily put my career on hold for seven years for them, but I’ve always found ways to fill my days with design in one form or another.

My First Renovation

Two years ago, I renovated a house for my parents. The renovation required working 12-hour days with my 9-week-old strapped to my back, sleeping with sheetrock dust in our hair. Every day, a lack of showering, more cuts and calluses. I spent nine months renovating that house, and loved it. Hundreds of hours: adored. I thrived. When I finished I convinced my parents to let me rent it from them. We sold our house and have been coloring since!

Satisfy My Soul

I know, I’m getting corny. But it just feels SO GOOD!!! I’M ON FIRE! YOU COMPLETE ME, HOUSE. Ok, enough with the yelling. If I haven’t driven the point home enough, this stuff makes everything better. I feel more myself when I’m busy creating.

Boy that word is starting to sound stale.

Banyan Bridges

If my soul had a spirit plant, it would be a Banyan tree. The twisty vines and roots, the way the branches sprawl. The way it is constantly trying to grow and find new ground. 

I dig it. 

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