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I’m a colorful person—well, maybe I didn’t mean it like that. I advocate for color.

Striping your walls feels like an act of rebellion. Stick it to all the muted color trends, “acceptable” colors, and the patriarchy! I may have gotten carried away. Point is, stop waiting to create something you love. Rise up and #StripeBrite. 

It takes a degree of bravery to swim upstream against trends—to assert yourself as dissenting. But that’s what makes it powerful.

Each Project—A Story

This insane urge to change something drives me. I have to see every project through to the end. That wall will be painted; the cushions recovered. Each project ending with the satisfaction that my vision was realized.

DIY Techniques

How to Paint a Clean Line in 4 Easy Steps

If you're here reading this, odds are good that you've experienced the frustration of pulling back the masking tape after painting and finding that your paint had seeped underneath. This trick uses that principle and turns it on its head. This is the most basic building block of murals, and...

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The Basics of a Geometric Wood Accent Wall

Ok friends, wood accent wall time. I will start by saying that I am no expert. If you've seen me working in my sweatpants and messy bun, this is no surprise. But what I will tell you is my method for creating these walls. Materials Wood. Lots of it. 1/4 in Plywood for sheathing the walls Screws...

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Winter Eclectic Home Tour 2018

Folks, I am your last stop for today (wednesday) on the Winter Eclectic Home Tour! You are probably coming here from Monica's glam and gorgeous house. We are a bit more casual around here, enjoy the tour! Christmas for me is a very nostalgic time. Growing up my home was kinda crazy and not...

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For The Thrill

I live for the thrill of discovery. Thrift shops, garage sales, Craigslist are my palette. I take pride in finding the forgotten and making it beautiful again.

I find that uncovering the beauty in the abandoned invites others to reconsider their prejudices.

Hi, I'm Racheal.

I design. In the school pick-up line. While watching a show. In the bathroom. Snuggled in bed next to my husband with my screen dimmed so low that he doesn’t notice. Sorry, Garrett. When I find I’m in a funk, it’s creating that shakes me out of it.

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