Banyan Bridges™ Murals for Homes

Join the rebellion! Fight back against “understated” and “neutral” and slap some color on those walls! I come out to your home and paint a custom mural inspired by what you love.


Banyan Bridges™ Murals for Business

Make your business shareable with a fun, colorful mural. I’ll design a mural inspired by your brand and colors. Whether it’s to get some more foot traffic or inspire your employees, murals can bring life to your space.

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First DIY Mural?

It can be super intimidating. My first few were too. But, you are no longer alone, my friend! I’ve got the info you need like which paint brushes are best. I got you.

Racheal Jackson, Muralist, Banyan Bridges


It’s me. I am here to remind you.

You need some color in your life. Don’t argue with me. You need to be happy. You need to dance to the music at full blast. You need to not care what your in-laws think.

And by picking up a brush and painting your walls however the hell you want—you become free.

I’m Racheal Jackson. I’m a muralist who has made it my life’s passion to recapture the freedom of color and creativity in people’s homes. We’ve all spent too much time in homes that were trying to be “grown up.”

My story started that way too. I needed to feel empowered and I found so much joy and meaning in creating spaces.

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