Barn to Build Bridges (or something clever like that)

Barn Exterior
Project Details

This project is broken down into 6 main components:


  1. Insulate and sheetrock the barn. A year or so ago we wired it and framed out the walls. Step one will be finishing them and painting them white. I will also be adding a door to what will one day be a bathroom.
  2. Building pegboard work station. I am super excited about having all my tools in one place where I can actually find a screwdriver when I need to. I will have the tools hanging interspersed with wall-mounted plants and art.
  3. Murals. These are what i’m known for. Bold murals on the walls to make this space pop and inspire
  4. Herringbone wood ceiling. A couple of years ago we got an old fence for free on craigslist. Those boards have been fueling many wood projects for me, but have been waiting for their moment to shine: as a rad graphic ceiling.
  5. Sliding Mural. A mural on a track will slide along the length of the wall, able to cover the pegboard workspace during events held. It also just adds another place to play and be creative.
  6. Geometric Wood Divider. This will add dimension to the space, while simultaneously giving boundaries to a large open space and creating a bit more privacy during events.
Barn Before
Production studio Btbb
production space head on
fenceboards for ceiling
This is the fence I salvaged to turn into a herringbone ceiling!