A bold mural is just a gateway drug. Soon, you’ll see that your whole life could use some more color. Here are some of my faves.

Tassel Pillow
Orange Fuchsia Cardigan
Sphere Pillow
Blush Duster
Marigold Sweater
Black Overalls
Color Block Throw Pillow
Schoolhouse Electric Clock
Paths Blanket
Green Velvet Circle Pillow
Colorful Sweater
Bright Sports Bra
Colorful Pendant Light
Stripe joggers
Pink Velvet High Top
Flushmount Blue Light
Pink Tye Dye Sweatshirt
Stripe Kitchen Towel
Bright Checker Sweater
Colorful Pens
Elke Bangle Bracelet
Bright Cereal Bowls
Baggu Face Mask
Rainbow Stripe Towels
Stripe Mock Neck Sweater
Dusen Dusen Towels
Color Block Sneaker
Muffy Brandt Leggings
Vibrant Hoop Earrings
Color Block Windbreaker
Hand-Tufted Burke Rug
Stripe Fall Tee
Pendleton Stripe Blanket
Colorful Wall Hooks
Crew Neck Tee
Velvet Chair and a Half
Salmon Cardigan
Unpaper Towels
Lime Neon Sweater
Pink Lounge Chair
Rumpl Blanket
Tucan Bag
Stripe Sweater
Crossbody Bag
Amber Glass Mug
Mollie Hook
Polka Dot Socks
Channeled Cotton Quilt
Stasher bags
Quilt Pattern
Pink Velvet Sofa
Daisy Hand Towel
Rainbow Knit Sweater
Bink Water Bottle
Striped Sweater Dress
Lush Velvet Throw Pillow
Dupe Vintage Couch
Stripe Pleated Midi Dress
Circular Throw Pillow
Mid-Rise Joggers
Color Burst Rug
Boden Stripe Dress
Bright Linen Duvet Cover
Abstract Patches Jumpsuit
Checkerd Socks
Platform Vans
Bright Acrylic Flower Power Earrings - Geometric Statement bold, Acetate solid color block earrings, transparent jewelry, Memphis Lasercut
birkenstock arizona eva sandal
Long-Sleeve Tee
Velvet Stripe Pillow
Regal Plum Mock Neck Sweater
Scallop Marigold Quilt
Rust Overalls
Cobalt Sweatshirt
Fuchsia Mock Neck Sweater
Cardi Party
the kit jumpsuit
Start With Yes Print
Colorful Plaid Duvet
Pink Sweater Dress
Colorful Active Legging
Rainbow Puffer Jacket
Zip Bomber Jumpsuit
Velvet Sofa
Rainbow Stripe Sneakers
Rope Bowls
Quilted Rust Skirt
Bright Throw Blanket
Puffy Laptop Sleeve
Bold Stripe Towel
Handwoven Sunset Rug
Color Stripe Pillow
Bright Stripe Throw
Dusen Dusen Oven Mitt
Leah Duncan Print
Crew Neck Sweatshirt
Tassel Earrings
Skeleton Jumpsuit
Stripe Card Holder
the perfect vintage tee in longhart stripe madewell
Taper Candles
Ribbed Button Dress
Solar Mini Claw Hair Clip
Cozy Swivel Chair
Spindle Candle Holder
Fuchsia Cardigan
Cherry Crewneck
Woven Bright Throw
Velvet Bright Ribbon
Sea Sweater
Swoop Stripe Sweater
Pastel Colorblock Vans
Stripe Beanie
Bright Active Leggings
Rainbow Sneakers
Black and White Chair
Utility Stool
Bubble Candle Holder
Swoop Stripe Blouse
Violet Sweatshirt
Skateboard Earrings
Needle Point Art
Pink Kitchen Aid
Brigh stripe Hoops
Checker Rainbow Sweater
Poketo Spectrum Wall Calendar
Puffer Jacket
Checkerd Bolster Pillow
Mustard Cardigan
Mokuyobi Fanny Pack
Bold Bath Rug
Line Drawn Salmon Jumpsuit
Velvet Flower Pillow
Target Women's Short Sleeve Jumpsuit All In Motion - Banyan Bridges Bold Buy
Quilted Jogger
Color Block Rug
teva original universal 90s multi sandal
Whisper Cotton Crewneck Pocket Muscle Tank Madewell