Banyan Bridges Clubhouse

The Banyan Bridges Clubhouse is a pass to a private Instagram account. Our first session will be June 11, 2023 – June 30, 2024. Push your creativity, access exclusive content, make new friends, and support Racheal’s work!

$35 for full access


Your Creative Gym

Your creativity is a muscle! Let’s work that thing, push it to its limit, and get results. [Guttural gym growl]

Every month, the Banyan Bridges Clubhouse will be given a new creative prompt in the Instagram Stories. It could be a theme, a medium, a different perspective, but it’s your chance to take up the challenge and create!

Throughout the month, I’ll share your pieces (my favorites). Your work could even be featured on the main @banyanbridges account! All posts will be attributed to you, you creative genius.


Exclusive Content

I know you want to peek behind the curtains—you little weirdo. By joining the Banyan Bridges Clubhouse, you’ll get exclusive content that won’t be shared on the @banyanbridges account including:

  • A monthly exclusive Instagram Q&A
  • Behind-the-scenes of murals and other projects
  • Exclusive access to mural color palettes
  • Work in progress—even more honest than usual
  • A quarterly digital download of one of my prints

Banyan Bridges Groovy Stairwell
Artist Racheal Jackson standing in front of her Gummy Worm mural

Meet New Friends 

I’m a matchmaker. Are you in desperate need of connecting with someone that likes anything beyond “agreeable gray”? Banyan Bridges has always been a place for creative people to connect and develop new friendships.

The Banyan Bridges Clubhouse will give everyone an opportunity to have the creative projects reposted so you can find other creatives that you love.


Support My Work

I love doing what I do. And if my work means something to you or has inspired you to pick up a paintbrush—that means the world to me! Banyan Bridges Clubhouse is the best way to support me, my family, and the continuation of my work.

Weirdly enough, spreading joy often results in bills. And every penny counts with me. Thank you!

Racheal Jackson Banyan Bridges Painting House Mural