Guys, guys. This mural is rocking my world. Graphic, unique and interesting as hell. Did I mention that it was free? I know, your minds are blown. Wanna make this yourself? I’ll give you the 411, the DL, the nitty gritty.


Firstly, you need an artist. Don’t have one in-house like I do? Find a design you like online! Brainstorm. Doodle. And if none of that works, send us your measurements and Garrett will whip something up for you.

I took measurements of our wall, and we drew up a to-scale sample of the wall on Illustrator. We added a grid that would translate to a 12 inch grid on our wall. Garrett got to sketching. He draws constantly, and has notebooks full of sketches. So this was easy peasy for him. I think it took him 20 minutes. He’s amazeballs. While he was doodling, I (very lightly) sketched out a 1ft x1ft grid on our wall with pencil. After that, I just used the grid-transfer method to sketch out the outlines of his drawing. If you’ve never used the grid transfer method, it’s super simple! Here’s a brief video of someone using it for a portrait.


I then went over it in some paint I had leftover from my black wall (and my master bathroom that I mistakenly painted black).  That’s it! So simple. Throw on a podcast, spend a couple evenings on it, and you’ve got a graphic statement wall for FREE.