I have always wanted a lego wall. There’s something so appealing about them–they’re graphic, fun, and a surprising pop of color. Have you seen the trend of filling cracks in stone with legos? It’s my favorite. Just one more reason I need an ancient old stone home.

The kitchen in my last home had dark wood cabinets and horrible tan tile with a pixelated stone print on it. Not the best colors to accent the primary color Lego scheme. Even so, I stayed up late one night trying to build a wall out of legos. I didn’t get very far before I gave up and accepted that it would be hideous. So when I finally had an all-white kitchen, it was on! It’s probably a bad blogger move to post this super old and horrible photo, but, meh, I feel like it will only help you appreciate the new Lego wall!


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One night as I was walking through the kitchen it suddenly hit me that this was the opportunity. I put the kids to bed and stole their legos! I recruited Garrett to scour the lego bins for all the building blocks and I started building! It was a short and very straightforward project. I just built the legos in the shape of the wall. The end of our peninsula has trim on either end, and the way the legos fit, they extended past the trim about an eighth of an inch. It was either that or have them be short an eighth. Because they extended a bit further, I was able to bow the full sheet of legos so they would wedge between the two pieces of trim. And it’s a perfect fit! My plan was to attach it with 3m strips in the event that it wouldn’t wedge or loosened, but here we are, 3 months later and it’s still secure!

What other Lego projects should we tackle next?