I haven’t let myself appreciate this change until now. Well, when I finished five minutes ago. Which was 3:38 pm on Thursday, the final day of the ORC. Finished taking photos just before the light died. To say I cut it close would be putting it mildly. And I’m TIRED. My body is exhausted. My dogs are barking! I know I’ve already used that Office reference. Forgive me. What’s that you say? You don’t care and have already skipped ahead to the pictures? It’s ok. I forgive you. I’ll just be here, admiring this space and never moving again!
Are you seeing this? I may actually consider doing laundry!!!
Placing this exterior door has totally shifted the function of this room. Where it once felt like an add-on (and virtually unused space), it now functions as a spacious area for our family and guests to put their coats, shoes and chaos. Fingers crossed it keeps our house cleaner too!! Laundry-Room-Makeover-Geometric-Wood-Wall I also love these mirroring wood walls! It’s a great natural focal wall! Laundry-Room-Makeover-Geometric-Wood-Wall-Mudroom And my last favorite detail is this door. It started dark and ugly, but an hour of sanding and a quick painted design later and it feels fresh and beautiful! Laundry-Room-Makeover-Hollow-Core-Door-DIY

This challenge was exhausting, and I might not do such a big space next time, but I’m so glad I tackled it and got this room done!! No longer is it the eyesore of the home, but it is a place I’m eager to welcome people into. Thank you Linda for starting this challenge!!

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