Forgive me the lack of pretty photos friends: renovation sure isn’t pretty! You remember my ugly laundry room from last week’s post? Don’t worry, if possible, it’s only gotten uglier!

Over the past week I worked on demo! I removed all the trim from the room, some excess cabinets, the laminate countertops and backsplashes, and, oh, you know, a wall.


I sanded the existing cabinet bases (well, mostly). I’m planning on filling the routed detail and painting all the doors. These cabinets are stained a very rich color, but when they’re sanded down, they’re beautiful!


Tearing down the wall is my favorite change yet! I didn’t realize how much of the problem in this laundry room was a lack of natural lighting! Removing this wall allowed all the light from that window to come flooding in! Already I’m starting to like it. My plan is to replace that window with an entry door with a 3/4 window panel in it. This way I’ll be able to preserve the light but add functionality.


I have to say how proud I am that I did this all myself. Everything. I made these plans, tore everything out, and built and installed that header. It’s so easy to see these projects as overwhelming, but as my dad reminds me every time I start to feel like a project may be too much, “There’s only one way to eat an elephant: one bite at a time”.

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