Week 5!!! Can you believe it? ONE WEEK LEFT. I am so nervous! There is still SO much left to do. But lets start with what has been done!

I tiled!!!

I scrapped my initial idea of using VCT tile and decided on slate. The floor has to be perfectly smooth to apply VCT tile, and I kind of just hit my limit on the self-leveling concrete. So I went with tile (nothing like forgiving thinset to help with any discrepancies in the floor). I wanted a tile that was simple enough that it wouldn’t compete with the wood wall, dark enough to mask the mud and dirt that will inevitably come in, and a natural stone or porcelain.


Home Depot carries these 12×24 slate tiles for only $3/sqft. Honestly, I think this size of tile is usually pretty clumsy, but I found this pattern and it actually looks geometric and interesting! And it looks good! Slate is much more traditional than I usually skew, but it fits well with the traditional farmhouse vibe that matches the rest of the house. Plus, the initial direction from the landlord was to keep all the permanent finishes neutral in color. So, here you go.


I muraled!

Well, kind of. Since I began this project I had this blue dome stuck in my head. Painting it on the wall was relief and I’m just so excited to see it realized. The thing I’m fighting is my desire for stripes! and boldness! and color! I want all the drama and excitement of statement wall, but I’m just in love with the simplicity of this guy. So it’s staying friends! and staying simple for now.

I also painted the ceiling! I can’t get over how dark it was!

I Hardwared!

Or plumbed? I installed a sink, whatever you call that. And a faucet. And the white concrete countertops as well.

And my gorgeous hardware from Rejuvenation came in! I can’t get over how polished it looks and how it modernizes the routed edges.


I know I can do those projects without reporting back to you, but if they happen and I don’t share about it, did it ever happen?

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