You guys!!! It is the day I have been anticipating for months! The One Room Challenge has officially begun!

As you may know, this 1950’s house that we live in is split in two units, top floor and bottom floor. I completely  renovated the top floor two years ago, sadly saying goodbye to the blue and pink carpet. The two units share a laundry room on the first floor, and that sucker has not been touched since 1959! I am so excited to get moving and turn this dark hole into something wonderful.


Truthfully: this room has never been this clean. Between the landlord who lived downstairs and their farming supplies, and me with my project supplies (that I would leave outside my door whenever I needed to tidy up quickly) this room has often been complete chaos. Honestly, cleaning it up isn’t much of an improvement.

Currently there is an ancient laminate/vinyl flooring over the concrete pad, but it is chipping up in places. The flooring is sloped toward two different drains and if you look closely, you can see that the washer and dryer are supported in the center by a 2×4 so they sit somewhat upright.

So what am I changing? In short? Everything! These horrid floors will be replaced with some VCT tile (think old tan flecked tiles in schools). The walls will be painted and obviously receive some sort of mural or stripe detail. The wall separating the laundry room and storage room will be knocked down and I’ll instead just have a cased opening. Where the window is in the storage room, I will be installing an entry door (this way the downstairs neighbors don’t have to walk through my messy garage or walk around the house to the back sliding-glass door). Where this storage room once was, I will build a mudroom. I’m planning on doing a couple cool geometric wood walls as well!

The cabinets will be painted, the lighting replaced, and I will do some sort of treatment to these flat doors so they match the 5-panel door that leads to my home. New sink, faucet, tile. I’ll be tearing out a couple cabinets and installing shelves. re-routing the plumbing so the washer and dryer will sit flush with the wall. Like I said: everything!

Ready for the pretty stuff and my rough design direction? Please don’t mock my mood board skills. One day I’ll become a pro at it. Today is not that day.


These are my main inspiration pictures, some pulled off of the interwebs, some pulled off of my phone. I’m excited to see how it will all turn out! Most of my inspiration comes while I’m mid project, so be prepared for some of these things to change. And join me for the ride! I’ll be posting my progress every Thursday and I’m sure I’ll be sharing stories via Instagram in the meantime!

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Time to get moving!