When we first met this bathroom, purple laminate countertops assaulted our eyes, pink and cream beveled tile adorned the floors. The sinks were all chipped. The shower was moldy. I get into that in my renovation post. For now, you just get to admire the finished product and imagine that it always looked so pretty.


Magnolia Wood Stand

This was one of my souvenirs from a visit I had to Waco and Fixer-Upper-Land. This piece was a big decision for me because as I’m sure you’ve gathered, I’m a pretty cheap person and this was a more expensive item. I love wood, burled wood. I mean, this website and brand is named after the trees I love most. I’m kind of obsessed. I splurged and have never regretted it. I love it in this space.  It gives it an elegant welcoming vibe with the soap and the towel. But this is also coming from someone who never had soap and or towels in bathrooms growing up (I always assumed they were for fancy people). Garrett appreciates not having to dry his hands on his pants, as I’m sure the guests do as well.


Whale Magazine Holder

Once again the story starts at Ikea, in the storage department. There I was looking for ways to store my vast collection of National Geographics, when I happened upon this whale print. I was hooked. I’ve been on the lookout for something narrow that hangs on the wall to hold greenery, but I feel like, I’ve seen the rustic metal thing a lot. I wanted to step it sideways, to try something slightly different. With the application and the print, this may be one of my new favorite pieces in my house.




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