I think it’s a fruit crate. I honestly, don’t know.

Fruit Crate

I found this treasure during the same trip to the Goodwill “bins” where I got the thrifted stallions. I was digging through the bins of recently donated things to Goodwill and found this box. It was bright white pine and, truly, had nothing going for it—except that it was a wood crate.

For some reason, I bought it. At the bins, you pay by the pound for everything. My magical stallion folder was like 10 cents, which is a whole 17 cents cheaper than it was originally sold at Safeway. I am so good. The crate, however, was 7 dollars! I still remember this years later. I walked out amazed that I spent 7 dollars on this ugly white pine crate.

It sat in a buyer’s remorse pile in the garage. One day, I decided to go out and stain it. I was amazed at how nice it turned out. I nailed it to the wall and the rest is history.

Fruit Crate Angle - Banyan Bridges

Copper Measuring Cups

These are beautiful copper measuring cups from my grandmother. They are dysfunctional in every way imaginable. Look at how cylindrical they are!

But, they are darling and extremely decorative. They look great when holding some greenery. I admire them daily.


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