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Bedroom Refresh and the Simplest Mural Ever


We recently brought a TV into our bedroom (gasp!) and because of that, we’ve had to rearrange our room. Which meant moving our bed to a different wall. Which meant a new mural, nightstands and a chance to refresh the whole space! Lol. Of course. So I went down the rabbit hole of and found sooooo many good things. I find that when there are so many good things to choose from it’s easy to get decision fatigue and it becomes hard to start. So I started small, made one decision and let that inform my other choices.


My inspiration? These StyleWell flannel sheets from The Home Depot. I loved the combo of the emerald green with the graphic black and white details, and thus was this mural born! It is my simplest mural to date. I picked the green color to compliment the trees in the sheets and the black and white details to tie into the black and white in the sheets. The combo feels bold yet neutral and I couldn’t be happier. The mural design is so neutral that it will work with whatever sheets I use, even when we’re not in flannel-mode.




These sheets are my favorite detail in the room. Not only are they cute but they’re soft and welcoming to our cold feet when we get in bed at night.



These oversized StyleWell nightstands are rocking my world! I was hesitant at first to use a taller nightstand because conventionally I see smaller nightstands, but I am so obsessed with all the storage space!! We now have a place for all the clutter that seems to accumulate on our nightstands, plus a convenient place for pajamas and socks!




The last piece we added to this room was from the Home Decorators Collection–this dresser, which is AMAZING. Isn’t the diamond detail the cutest? We’re using it as our TV stand (and storage for all of our clothes!). A closet makeover will have to be next! This is the piece that everyone comments on when they come to our home. the storage it offers is fantastic and did I mention it’s gorgeous!?



I am super into this diamond detail. My sister is building a tiny home and prepping to put in a kitchen. These drawers are MAJOR inspiration and we’re still scheming about installing them as her lower cabinets!




Kids’ Room Bedding




We continued our winter-refresh throughout the house. In our kids room we also brought in StyleWell flannel sheets I found these fun, colorful ones that I thought would be darling (llamas!!!), and paired it with these Stylewell comforter. So cute! And so cozy. Can I stress enough how much cozier life is with flannel sheets?



One thing I love about these designs is that they are easily gender-neutral. My three kids share a room, two boys and a girl. Not that the boys care, but my daughter is obsessed with pink, so it’s fun to cater to her a bit and add in some pink!

Bathroom freshen-up!



I really like where all of our bathrooms are at currently, but what I DON’T love is our hodge-podge collection of towels. We’ve had most of them since our wedding 9 years ago. I can’t even tell you how happy we all are to have such soft, cozy, cohesive towels. I finally can put towels in my photos because they actually look nice! We used these Turkish cotton towels from the Home Decorators Collection in both bathrooms, in charcoal, cherry blossom and white.





Blankets, Blankets, Blankets


The last thing we did to make the whole house a bit cozier is add throw blankets to our living spaces. I love these herringbone throws (one in each color thank you!). No, but we legitimately have them in every color.



Our home is always a little chillier than we would like, so when family comes around for game nights, you will see everyone wrapped in one of these. They’re the perfect extra layer.




Our TV is in this room with the grey couch and this red plaid sherpa throw is our new favorite snuggle blanket. When I went to go take this picture I had to search all over the house because our kids are obsessed with how cozy it is–so it’s always wandering around with them.



We added this Stylewell midcentury nightstand for remote and controller storage and love the midcentury vibe! I love the walnut finish and the sexy lines. Hubba hubba. I’m happy because it’s so pretty and my husband is happy because the kids aren’t walking all over the controllers. Win, win!



How do you update your decor for the winter?