There was nothing in this space after I finished the remodel. Rather than putting in another cabinet, I thought that a floating shelf would be a nice detail.

Full disclosure: we had no shelves up here for the longest time. In fact, we may have had a 25 lbs. bag of flour resting on the counter for many, many months. It was casually slumped against this bread bowl and a box of smoke detectors. We should probably install those—so fancy, I know.

Live Edge Wood

My sister and mother found this beautiful live wood at the Habitat for Humanity store in Vancouver, and it was a good deal. I love wood and natural elements inside a home. This was an excellent way to achieve that. I didn’t even oil the live edge wood, it’s not sealed. I had a bunch of friends coming over to see my newly renovated home that day and I used it as motivation to get these shelves up. I went down to the barn, found some brackets that the previous owner had left in the tack room, and cut the wood down to size.

Kitchen Live Edge Floating Shelves - Banyan Bridges

Dried Good Jars

Shortly after mounting the shelves, I loaded up all of our dried goods into all the jars we had. Which seemed like a lot at first, but then, somehow, we ran out of jars. One day I’ll go out and buy more jars, but they’re expensive. Like five bucks for a jar. That’s a little too steep for my taste, thank you very much. So, until then, the other dried goods will stay in plastic bags in the drawer where no one can see them. Don’t tell anyone.

Bread Bowl With Flowers - Banyan Bridges

Bread Bowl

This beautiful antique bread bowl belonged to my great-great-grandmother. I’m not confident on how many “greats” she was, but putting a third one on their seemed excessive. She used this bread bowl to make buttermilk biscuits. I love this pieces. I think it’s absolutely beautiful.

I managed to inherit it when my parents were passing out all of their belongings after downsizing. My sisters and I were all part of an impromptu auction. Emotions ran high. It was my turn to pick first and I scored.

It has a thick lacquer on it from like twenty years ago, which makes it less than ideal for making biscuits. We primarily use it as a fruit and vegetable bowl. Though we currently have no food in the house so the flowers will have to do. They look edible?

I’ve been trying to think of ways to strip it without using harmful chemicals. I’m trying to be food safe, but still, I need it to be effective. Any ideas?

Nauvoo Temple Photo

Nauvoo has a very special place in my relationship and in my life. I did a semester of school in Nauvoo, Illinois, which is an important historical landmark for Mormons. I lived across the street from the newly rebuilt temple there. It was during a difficult time in my life, and I went there daily. I found a lot of comfort there and found my teenage self there.

It’s also where I first started running. There was a 4-mile loop that ended going uphill to the temple. At the time, it was an extremely hard and long hill. I kind of suspect it’d be easier now with my seasoned, super muscular legs. Ha. Seeing the temple at the top of the hill was motivational to me. I used to think that if I could just make it to the top of that hill, then I could be the person I wanted to be. That I could overcome any challenges I would face.

Garrett visited this temple when he was 18. While there, he was walking the grounds and had the distinct impression he was going to marry me. Turns out he was right, but he didn’t tell anybody until we were married. So who knows how authentic it is. He tends to exaggerate. But, he did give me a Nauvoo temple necklace before he left on his mission to Peru, so there’s probably some truth to it.


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    I’m needing 4live edge shelves for bathroom 10” deep and 36” long about 1 1/2 to 2” thick


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