It all started with a kettle. A gorgeous beautiful magical kettle. And a portion of a wall that happened to match. 1 quart of paint, a bunch of butcher block scraps and soooo much meticulous painting later and I give you: the pink corner (clever name, I know).


The fridge is one of my favorite changes here. Can you believe I didn’t take progress pictures? This is what I did: I used this paintable removable wallpaper (the 56 sqft should easily cover your fridge) to cover the sides and front of the fridge and painted it my pink color (Pink Elephant at 75%). It works great on the smooth stainless surface but even better in the slightly bumpy sides (typical fridge texture). I will be putting a polycrylic coat over the wallpaper to make it more cleanable because I KNOW my kids are going to get it dirty.

If you’ll note in the photo below, there was a point that I ended the wallpaper and painted directly on the fridge itself. I was afraid that the wallpaper would peel up here because of the door opening and closing often. I figured that i would probably be able to scrap or scrub the paint off in those few spots when the time came to change it up. Depending on how your fridge is structured, you might be able to just wallpaper the full thing!




I removed the metal handle and made a simple one out of a large dowel that I had in the garage. A couple of cuts on the saw, some glue and some screws later and this bad boy is GORGEOUS!!  And even better–it’s all easily reversible. I can remove the wallpaper and swap the stainless handle back in and no harm done!

setting screw

When I removed the handle I paid attention to how it attached and copied it. I drilled holes in the center of the dowel where it meets the fridge to attach to our existing hardware, and smaller holes on the outside for the setting screw to secure it to our fridge. Our fridge has shoulder screws that stick out for the handle to grip. I’ll include photos for clarity, but if you’re going to replicate this process I would start by removing your existing handle to study the way it attaches. Then replicate it!




And of course the magical kettle that started it all… (you can find it here!)

Pink Fellow electric kettle with wood handle by stagg