If you’re here reading this, odds are good that you’ve experienced the frustration of pulling back the masking tape after painting and finding that your paint had seeped underneath. This trick uses that principle and turns it on its head.

This is the most basic building block of murals, and after mastering this technique, you’ll be set for a long future of gorgeous, clean lines. 

1. Lay your tape as close to the desired line as possible.

2. Using paint the color of the wall, paint along the edge, making sure that the paint seals the edge. By doing this, you ensure that any paint that seeps underneath will be the wall color and therefore wont be noticed! 

3. After this dries, paint your new color over the top.

4. Peel back the tape at a 45 degree angle and enjoy your clean stripe!


How-To-paint-a-straight-line-after copy