This blog post was sponsored by Revival. All opinions are my own.

I am a cheapskate and I am a quality snob—particularly when it comes to rugs. Which means, I can’t ever buy them. Or at least, that’s what you’d think.

I don’t buy rugs unless it’s a natural fiber. Wool is long-lasting, more resistant to stains, and can come in so many varieties of textures. Jute is hearty and durable. And cotton—beautiful, versatile, cotton.

It’s not that I don’t own any synthetic rugs, it’s just that they are always the first to go. It’s like fast-fashion for rugs. Getting a cheap rug that’s fashionable for the moment or trendy for a short stint—it’s fine, but it feels wasteful. I love rugs that live many lives in many different rooms for years.

Natural fiber rugs also hold their value. A really nice wool rug will still be valuable by the time your grandkids inherit it. I mean, my grandkids won’t get any of my stuff, but that’s on them. Bwahahaha.

But I’m also cheap. I only spend money on rugs when I can justify it. It’s hard to find the best of both worlds.

I love Revival because all of their rugs are HANDMADE from natural fibers. AND you can filter by price to find something in your budget. This makes finding a rug that is incredible quality and affordable totally doable.

In particular, I love Revival because they have a lot of vintage rugs! I love sifting through their catalogue and finding something unique. You don’t find that often on the bulk rug websites. It’s always fun to discover what’s new on Revival’s site.

I partnered with Revival recently and got three beautiful, natural fiber rugs from them. Let me spill the beans to you about why I chose each one. I pray that I never spill the actual beans on these rugs.

The Ledger Flatweave Rug from Revival rugs against a light blue striped mural by Banyan Bridges.

Ledger Flatweave Wool Rug

Did you guys know I like to have color on my wall? Shocker, right? As you know, I change my wall colors on a whim. Life’s too short to stick with one thing! But because I change the colors up often, I typically get more neutral colored rugs.

Most of our rugs are in large areas of our home with a lot of things going on. A couple murals, paintings, and decor items up everywhere. A busy rug can really distract from where I want to keep the focal point.

I love stripes. But striped rugs are, typically, too graphic and compete with everything else I have going on. This Ledger Flatweave Wool Rug from Revival Rugs is perfect because it has stripes, but isn’t distracting. The stripes are broken up and are subtle. I find that it’s playing an incredible supporting role to the rest of my bold, graphic, and vivid home.

A Hart Jute rug from Revival Rugs in a colorful room with Banyan Bridges mural.
The Norman Flatweave rug from Revival Rugs next to a bedside with a custom mural from Banyan Bridges.

Hart Jute Rug

Lean in. I’m going to tell you a secret. Jute rugs are the cheapskate’s secret weapon. They are magic!

You can only afford a smaller, more expensive feature rug? Great! Jute rugs are inexpensive. I mean, you can really get some floor coverage with these for not a whole lot of money.

Layer your feature rug on top of your jute rug and voila! You’ve got floor coverage and a perfect canvas for your expensive piece.

I buy a lot of these smaller feature rugs and kind of trade them in and out of rooms like guests on a late night talk show. They all get bored of my jokes sooner or later so I trade them out for a different one and keep the jute rug right where it is. This Hart Jute Rug from Revival Rugs is the perfect size for our large living room and has become best buds with all my small feature rugs lately.

We also kind of hate our carpeting right now. Please don’t tell it. We need it to last just another few years so we don’t want to discourage it. But man, this jute rug masks the carpeting so well so we don’t have to see it’s dull, sad self all the time.

A jute rug is the perfect foundational piece to a room.

The Norman Flatweave rug from Revival Rugs next to a bedside with a custom mural from Banyan Bridges.
The Norman Flatweave rug from Revival Rugs next to a bedside with a custom mural from Banyan Bridges.

Norman Flatweave Runner Rug

So… I don’t usually do a lot of color in rugs. I know. I’m contradicting what I typed like 5 paragraphs ago. But then I saw this Norman Flatweave Runner Rug and was like, “hells yes.” I pushed that “Add to Cart” button with gusto, dear friend.

I love the simple grid design on this rug. Yes, the color and pattern is a bit more bold, but it’s amazing how easily it blends into a space. The colors are incredibly versatile and have managed to work in most of my rooms.

I’m also a sucker for runners. They fit so well in so many spaces. I love them in hallways, along counters in kitchens, next to a bed (for cold morning toes), and under windows. One of my favorite uses is under benches under windows because they create beautiful, inviting spaces. Runners are a great way to indicate or delineate a space. For large rooms that need to broken up a visually a bit, runners are your best friend.

This rug is also such a nice compliment to my art style. My murals and art typically have a lot of stripes and geometry and a grid-like pattern carries that concept to a floor without being too on the nose.

Several Revival Rugs layered on top of one another including the Hart Jute rug, Norman Flatweave rug, and the Ledger Flatweave rug.

Rugs Are For Everyone

Now that you know the tricks, you no longer have to look at your friends home and covet their beautiful rugs. You can have them too and you deserve them.

Don’t break the bank—find something within your budget. Runners, jute rugs, and small feature rugs are a great way to add personality without hating yourself with the credit card statement arrives.

It’s time to finally finish that space that’s been begging for a rug for years. You know the one. Do it. You got this.