This corner has been empty since we first moved in, populated solely with a rotating piece of art (usually an outdated family photo). Moving this green cabinet into the space was actually just a temporary fix at first, but I’ve really grown to like it. I love the pop of color and interest that greets you when you round the corner.

The Thrifted Stallions

Ah, the stallions. The stallions were found at the Goodwill bins. We were on a date (I know, super romantic), sifting through them looking for books, trying to score a classic or two. When all of a sudden I saw them. In all their glory. My favorite part might have to be the 27cent price tag in the corner. I wasn’t sure what to use as a mat, but the cardboard really makes it look good. I love finding random unassuming or discarded art.



Found these at Goodwill! A full set of brass candlesticks, what are the odds!? And they are beautifully simple. Usually, the candlesticks I find are elaborate and fancy-pantsy, but these just were simple and perfect.

Marble Bookend

This guy I found at Target in the clearance section. I bought to include in a Christmas gift for Garrett (just to throw him off the scent). The decoy gift is a long-standing tradition in our family. Aaaand I got a cute bit of decor out of it.


Copper Flower Vase

So, when my dad was a teenager, he stayed overnight at a rock concert. He says that he was camping in the woods, saw a cabin, noticed the copper pot, and promptly stole it. Presumably for use as a bong. The funny thing about it is that it’s been sitting in his office my whole life and I always thought of it as an elegant piece. Little did I know it was the reminder of my dad’s rebellious youth. I think I like it better now.

Ikea Green Cabinet

Oh green cabinet, I found you in the as-is section, my favorite location. So favorite that after the last time we picked up family from the airport I made them wait in the car so I could run in and scan for treasure. No luck. This has been the only effective shoe storage we have had. I think it’s because the only requirement is that you must kick the drawer to drop your shoes in—anything more elegant and it wouldn’t have worked. Our daughter frequently opens it with her butt.

Wood Cut

I think my mom found this at a yard sale, I immediately confiscated it. Now it’s mine. End of story.


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