Wicker Chairs

Never has Garrett been more terrified than the night I saw these wicker chairs on our neighbor’s curb and convinced him to go steal them with me. He carried them back to the house, scared to death and very disappointed in me. That man has a serious guilt complex. Which is so funny—everyone curbs stuff, right? I mean, it was out with their garbage! I justified it just fine. You know, I had actually seen them on their back porch weeks before that and had thought to myself, “hmm, thems some good looking chairs”. Imagine my ecstasy when I saw them on the curb.

We awkwardly snuck them into our garage by dark of night and cleaned them up.  They had been outside for a long time, I think they are originally patio chairs? They are a bit worn in places, and my kids love to pick at them (or push things through the holes in the wicker: think toothbrushes), but I adore them and would steal them again in a heartbeat. FYI, I did talk to our neighbors after the fact and they were just excited that they didn’t have to pay to send them to the dump.

Ink Blot Wicker Chairs - Banyan Bridges

Ink Blot Cushions

These chairs came without cushions or pillows. I bought some pillow inserts and hacked up an old kid-size camping mattress someone gave us with a kitchen knife. Very professional.

We have a family friend named Gloria. She is a creative maven and my fairy godmother. I took over my very poorly sewn first pillow covers, and she showed me the ways of the force and the beauty of boxed corners.

These cushions have had several different incarnations, but I’m in love with this current pattern. I found it in IKEA’s fabric section (which is one of my favorite places to buy inexpensive textiles). I love the simplicity of the black and white contrast paired with the texture of the wicker chairs. And I’m always a sucker for watercolor.



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