This post was sponsored by Beddy’s, a bedding company. I sought them out because I may be obsessed. All opinions are honest and mine!


Spoiler: I LOVE THIS MURPHY BED!! It has changed the way my kids exist in their room. I get a lot of questions about safety and logistics, so I thought I’d share about my experience with it.


Question: Are you worried about your kids getting trapped/hurt inside?

Well, I sure would be if they were strong enough to open or close the bed. It takes a lot of strength to lift it up which prevents them from adjusting it at all. Also, in order to open it, you have to have enough torque which would mean they would have to pull it down from near the top. This is just not possible for kids this small. Remember that my oldest is 7!

Because of the hydraulics, the bed itself is pretty easy to lift once you lift the initial few feet off the ground. I’ve seen DIY murphy beds that are made without this pistons (typically just using hinges) and I don’t know that I would feel particularly safe with one of those beds. This bed opens and closes so gently. There’s no situation where it is opening and ends up falling on a child. If you’re going to DIY your own Murphy bed I HIGLY recommend using the kit that I bought. I talk more about the DIY process in this post.


Question: Is a Murphy bed comfortable enough for everyday use?

Short answer: yes! The cool thing about the type of Murphy bed I built is that you get to use a normal mattress! Some more compact Murphy beds will fold to tuck into a dresser, and I imagine those mattresses are much less comfortable. This kit recommended using a mattress with a maximum thickness of 12 inches. My sister had an extra queen mattress that was about 13 inches, and we haven’t had any problems with it.

This bed is also super sturdy and suitable for daily use. I’ll come back and update you after we’ve been sleeping on it for longer than a month!


Question: Does this mean the room always has to be clean?

NO! Lol. Sorry for yelling. But we all know that’s just not a lifestyle my three small kids keep up very well. This bed folds down and has legs that hold it about 6 inches off of the ground. Which gives my kids a full 6 inches of space for their random toys and clothes that can never seem to find their right places.

Question: Does this mean they have to make the bed everyday?

Aha! This was my first concern, mostly because my kids are so young and always end up with blankets alllll over the place in the morning. Before this, they would each use their own blanket and it would just be a constant mess. My 7 year old would be way too overwhelmed at the prospect of making the bed, so it probably happened a total of 2 times in the past 2 years that they’ve all shared a room.

Which is where this bedding from Beddy’s comes in clutch. In the month that my kids have been using this bedding, their bed has been made EVERY SINGLE DAY. How is this accomplished you might ask? Is it sorcery? Hypnotism? Nay! It’s because this rad bedding ZIPS UP. The kids love the novelty of it and it’s so easy to keep tidy!

Basically, the bedding fits on as a fitted sheet would. You then unzip on the side to get into the bed and there’s an extra foot of fabric that attached to the top comforter so when you unzip it you can still snuggle in and get cozy. When the kids get up in the morning, they simply zip it back up.


I honestly don’t think a Murphy bed would have been a practical decision for us without this bedding. Ok, enough with the hard sell. Can you tell I’m passionate about this? Even if Beddy’s hadn’t sent me this bedding to try out, I would have bought it myself (I mean, I did pretty much beg for this sponsorship so…).

Beddy’s has given all of my friends here a discount code for 20% off any purchase! Just enter code BANYANBRIDGES20 and enjoy your discount!

Ok, did I cover everything? Any other questions about Murphy beds? Have you ever considered installing one?