My house is colorful to say the least. Full of bold patterns and colors, stripes and lines at every turn. Until you turn into my kid’s room that is. 


Somehow their room has evaded all my attempts at sprucing. Every time I would go to change something, I would be uninspired and stall. Turns out it didn’t need new art on the walls, it needed a full remodel! 


With three children (ages 7, 6, and 2) sharing this room, it’s really important to create separate spaces for play and alone time as well as maximizing the space we have. This room is 13′ x 13′ square, giving my kiddos a full 169 sqft to live in. When I first remodeled the room, I removed a large closet that was taking up a lot of square footage and replaced it with the “treehouse”. This reclaimed a bit of the space, but it still feels a bit wasted. The kids don’t use that treehouse on a regular basis and they rarely play with the desks. We also have a slight storage problem. 


Though all of their clothes fit in their dresser, it is a tight squeeze, and they need more space for clothes. Shelves and drawers for toys would make them more readily available (and hopefully more played with!) than they are while being stored under the bed. 


Our main needs: 

  • Organization
  • Space saving solutions
  • Private spaces to play or have their own “moments”
  • Inspiration and COLOR!
  • Can I also throw in removing this poorly done faux “shiplap”? Cause it’s bad and needs to go!

Here are the ways I hope to fix these things:

  • Built in dressers, shelves and drawers for toys
  • A Murphy Bed!!!!
  • A book nook to have a quiet moment and a revamped “treehouse” to make it more used
  • Murals! Wallpaper! New lighting!
  • New wall treatments. Hallelujah!

Kids room mood board

This room is the last frontier. The last of the grey walls. The last of the ugly. I CANNOT WAIT to not hate this space!!! Tag along with me in my stories on Instagram while I fix this thing up! And don’t forget to check out all the other killer room reveals happening over at the One Room Challenge HQ!


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